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Organisational Support and Supervison

We hold a deep-rooted interest and motivation to continuously improve and nurture the development of safe, high quality and effective mental health provisions.

We see great value in psychologically supporting organisations, teams and professionals around wellbeing and supporting others to feel equipped and hopeful around engaging with, attending to and enjoying clinical practice and support around children, young people and families. Through this support we know this can improve clinical outcomes, staff wellbeing and satisfaction.

We also understand the risks when organisations do not receive sufficient psychological support around their mission and tasks. Through having effective psychological support in place we can mitigate risks of organisations re-traumatising those it is organised around and reduce staff burnout, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and stress. This support allows more thinking space, hope and creativity surrounding professionals, children, young people and families.  ​

Around our core value of working in partnership, we aim to work with you in collaboration to offer a range bespoke support:

Strategy and Policy Development, Implementation and Consultancy


We possess a wide range of national and local experience developing, delivering and implementing wider organisational policy and strategy around improving the wellbeing of children, young people, families and professionals. 


We hold additional training, qualifications and experience in Quality Improvement Facilitation. Our work to date includes: developing and implementing trauma informed practices, setting up meaningful stakeholder participation models, improving placement stability for care experienced young people and setting up staff wellbeing strategies across health and social care organisations. 

We are pleased to offer consultancy services to organisations and teams around wider policy and strategy development and executing the implementation. 

Therapeutic Team Spaces

We are also passionate around inspiring the development of safe, high quality and compassionate professional practice around children, young people and families with professional staff and teams. This includes supporting the wellbeing of professionals and teams to enable practice to be effective, compassionate and respond to the often challenging and multi-demanding work, 

Therefore, we offer a variety of spaces to therapeutic staff and teams: ​​​


  • Reflective Practice Groups

  • Complex Case Discussions

  • Formulation Sessions (individual, family, system levels)

Bespoke Training Packages

We hold extensive experience of teaching and training with different professional groups including third sector organisations, education, local authorities, NHS teams and Police.


We offer bespoke training packages to organisations and teams centered around promoting the wellbeing of children, young people and families and staff groups. We aim to work together to understand training needs, develop content and consider implementation and sustainability following delivering each bespoke training package. 

Sustainability of training is also very important to us in order to ensure that it feels valuable and useful beyond training sessions, therefore we aim to work with you to consider how to continue executing training aims and the implementation of goals and aims, beyond. 

Clinical Supervision

We are experienced in providing high quality and effective clinical supervision and clinical line management to a range of psychologists (e.g. assistant psychologists, trainee clinical psychologists, qualified clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and psychological therapists). We have also supervised other professions from a psychologically infomed perspective within educational setting and social care settings. 


Creating a comfortable, relaxed and safe space to really understand your experiences, needs and goals is important to us. We believe that a nurturing a restorative and open space enables clinicians to feel empowered and thrive in order to deliver effective, high quality care and spark creativity beyond.  

Our approach is integrative with an overall trauma informed, systemic and attachment lens and approach. We have interest and further training around models, methods and techniques relating to neurodevelopment, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT), Systemic and Family Therapy, Parenting Interventions, Narrative Therapy, Developmental Dyadic Psychotherapy (DDP), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), 

To make sure we are the right fit for your supervision hopes, needs and goals we offer a free initial 15 minute meeting. Please contact us to arrange. 

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