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Community Psychology Projects

We are very passionate about community psychology and community empowerment opportunities. Community Psychology projects recognise wider contexts and structural inequalities (such as limited power, discrimination, poverty and violence) resulting in shared experiences of adversity, trauma and distress within communities.


We appreciate engaging with and being led by communities to creatively and flexibly facilitate making sense of these experiences towards actively engaging in empowering acts towards dismantling societal barriers. Through dialogue, reflection and action we are passionate about working in solidarity with communties to enable empowering difference and practices.


Our work and projects to date include working with Young Activists in collaboration with YoungMinds to amplify young people’s voice across mental health systems and running various community mentoring programmes with young children at risk of different forms of exploitation. 

We are in the process of engaging with community projects and will provide further updates soon.


We would love to hear from you regarding any opportunities or ideas you may have around any community psychology projects surrounding children, young people and families.

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