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Child and Family Trauma Partnership

Welcome to the Child and Family Trauma Partnership.  

We are a small team of compassionate, creative, and innovative Chartered and HCPC registered Clinical Psychologists based in the East of Scotland, including Tayside, Fife and surrounding areas. We also work remotely across the UK. 


The Child and Family Trauma Partnership works passionately around a mission to foster and embed trauma-informed and responsive approaches to support children, young people and families.

We prioritise safety, strength, curiosity and connection towards meaningful lasting change. We strive to continuously improve the delivery and development of safe, high quality and effective trauma-informed wellbeing and mental health support at every level around children, young people and families lives.

Currently we offer:


As our name suggests, we value and recognise the importance working in partnership to ensure interactions together feel safe, collaborative, coordinated and flexible within the spirit of hope and respect. We strongly advocate the voices of children, young people and families as integral and central to any approach we take. 

About us

The Child and Family Trauma Partnership is co-founded by Dr Lucy McGregor and Dr Vikki Taylor.

​Having both studied and worked in London, we met after we both moved back to Scotland. It quickly become evident that we had a shared interest in working with children, young people and their multiple support systems. This shared interest quickly become the basis of our working relationship and through this, the Child and Family Trauma Partnership was developed.


Together, we possess over 25 years of national clinical and research experience across England and Scotland within a wide range of NHS, local authorities, third sector and independent healthcare organisations. This experience equips us with a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion when working alongside children, young people, families and their wider systems and communities. This extends to understanding and supporting the emotional, psychological and neurodevelopmental needs and strengths of children and young people from a variety of social, cultural and community backgrounds


Our flexible and responsive clinical practice draws upon different psychological and therapeutic approaches, knowledge, models and techniques to support psychological informed practice at all levels around children, young people and families. Through this, we aim to understand and support the dynamic and complex needs of children, young people, and families towards established change in line with hopes and goals. We also recognise the value of working within professional and ethical guidelines and the importance of working sensitively within social and cultural contexts. 


Dr Lucy McGregor
Co - Clinical Director
Clinical Psychologist

Systemic and Family Practitioner


Dr Vikki Taylor

Co - Clinical Director

Clinical Psychologist

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